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Enabling our customers to deliver greater testing efficiency

Our testing services division can help you meet the ever-increasing demands in development and pre-assessment automotive testing, and help alleviate the pressure when resources are stretched.

Gtc System For Collision Prevention When Track Testing

Expertise in a wide range of automotive testing

Our experts are knowledgeable in most types of vehicle testing including consumer, confirmation and development testing, from planning and preparation through to execution, data analysis and reporting.

Services offered

  • Consultancy

    Using our expertise, we can present to large audiences on your behalf, help you influence and advise stakeholders on best practice, or work closely with your team in formulating test methods or scenarios for applications specific to your business.

  • Training

    Our experienced team, which has provided training for vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers and all the Euro NCAP test labs, can offer advanced training on our test systems to ensure efficiency is maximised during your testing.

  • Testing

    From straightforward confirmation testing all the way to highly complex multiple target scenarios, we can support you in achieving your test programme. We can provide a ‘turn up and test’ service, supplying and operating the test objects only, or control the entire scenario on a customer-supplied test vehicle.

Automotive Testing Services With Equipment Complying To International Test Standards

International test standards

Our equipment is used for testing to global standards including Euro NCAP, NHTSA and UNECE, and is compliant to these current protocols. We work closely with the Euro NCAP laboratories, which means we have the latest knowledge of future testing requirements, ensuring our products deliver the functionality required. Ensure you know the test outcome before you submit your vehicle for testing by using the same equipment chosen by Euro NCAP test labs, NHTSA and test authorities worldwide

Compact Static Simulator For Adas And Autonomous Testing

Virtual vehicle testing

Our established class-leading driving simulators can be used for a number of applications including academic or industry research, and virtual testing throughout the vehicle development phases. Our recognised Simpia software is present throughout all our products, meaning complicated ADAS or AV test scenarios need only be generated once and can be taken straight from the virtual environment in the laboratory to be replayed in real life on the test track.

Ab Dynamics Testing Services Offered Worldwide

Offered worldwide

Our testing services are offered globally, either at one of our test facilities, or our experts can travel to your location.

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