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Use our software to control your vehicle directly

For vehicles with drive-by-wire capability, our Flex-0 controller can connect via CAN or Ethernet and control the vehicle without installing any driving robots.

This enables manoeuvres to be programmed using the same RC software (or even copied from those run previously with robots), including steering inputs, path-following and pedal inputs.

Please note: steering and pedal inputs will be limited by the capacity of the car’s inbuilt actuators.

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With or without a driver onboard

Just like with our driving robots, by-wire control can be used with or without a human driver in the vehicle. For driverless testing in dangerous tests, this greatly reduces the amount of hardware installed in the vehicle, when compared to using a full driving robot system.

AB Dynamics offers the S-Brake backup safety brake for driverless testing. With an in-built safety controller monitoring the main control system, the S-Brake can apply the brakes to stop the vehicle in the event of a problem.

How can I use the Flex-0

Control your vehicles

As shown in the video above, OEMs can enable access to their vehicles by providing an interface between our standard CAN output and the data format required by the vehicles. This typically requires a small real-time processor to run the interface, such as a dSpace Micro Autobox. This approach means that the customer does not need to disclose details of its by-wire interface to third parties.


Direct control or via a black box

Many of the world’s leading OEMs are already testing their vehicles using our by-wire technology.

We can configure our controller to talk directly to your vehicle if you provide the required CAN address data. Alternatively, we can offer by-wire control to a standard set of addresses, enabling you to connect the vehicle via a black box.

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