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Total flexibility for VRU testing

LaunchPad is a pilotable platform designed to carry Vulnerable Road User (VRU) targets for ADAS development and testing. This includes pedestrian, cyclist and moped dummies. The chassis is robust enough to cope with being driven over by a vehicle.

Like our GST, it allows the creation of paths and speed control profiles, enabling the next generation of ADAS tests. LaunchPad uses Synchro and path following technology to enable precise choreography with the subject vehicle.

High Performance

LaunchPad is capable of a maximum speed of 50kph with a target onboard, making it suitable for cyclist, moped and scooter dummies, as well as pedestrians.

Launch Pad7

Synchronisation using a common software environment

Using AB Dynamics’ advanced Synchro capabilities allows for its motion to be precisely synchronised with the test vehicle and other ADAS targets.


Flexibility and Manoeuvrability

Unlike belt-driven platforms, the LaunchPad can follow complex paths which are not restricted to straight lines. Our powerful path-following software makes the design of a test a simple job.


Robust platform suitable for driving over

Designed with a high-strength aluminium chassis, the LaunchPad copes with being driven over by a test vehicle repeatedly, including SUV's.

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