Advanced Driving Simulator For Motorsport

Driving Simulator Rental Solutions

Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

AB Dynamics has a variety of flexible rental options for our class-leading range of automotive simulators.

We have leasing solutions for our advanced automotive and motorsport driving simulators, enabling you to gain a significant advantage in your vehicle testing and development programme.

For customers at an early stage of adopting simulation as part of their product development processes, or customers with limited on-site simulation resources, this provides a cost-effective approach and access to the latest generation simulator technology without significant capital investment.

Advanced Driving Simulator For Motorsport

Range of simulator products

Our premium simulator range starts with a compact, static simulator with high fidelity active steering and braking actuators. The simulator can either be used at one of our Simulation Centres, or transported to the customer site. Intentional design has resulted in a stiff chassis coupled with integrated electronics that can be easily transported through a single width doorway. Visual display options include projection screens, monitors and LED flat panels, and VR headsets.

AB Dynamics' advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) has an exceptional dynamic capability to provide a highly immersive driving environment. The patented motion platform technology, originally developed for premium motorsport, enables drivers to feel the smallest change in the vehicle model configuration or simulated environment. The aVDS is available for both road car and race car development applications in a dedicated simulation facility located in the UK with other locations across the world opening in the near future.

Our desktop workstation simulator solutions enable customers to undertake developments that do not require any driver immersion. Desktop simulators are ideal for checking the basic test setup prior to using a fully functional driving simulator. The desktop workstation simulator solution also benefits from AB Dynamics' unified software toolchain which is detailed below.

Consistent Toolchain Between Track And Simulation 1

Crucial time savings using Simpia software toolchain

One of the key benefits of our simulators is that testing scenarios can be shared between all AB Dynamics' testing systems across track testing, simulation, and laboratory vehicle characterisation and measurement tools. For example, a typical ADAS highway test might involve synchronising the motion of up to ten objects within a scenario to enable a high-speed cut in manoeuvre to be simulated. AB Dynamics’ scenario creation software enables these experiments to be defined and executed in multiple environments.

Correlation across testing environments is simpler, development activities are more productive and most importantly, testing timescales can be cut down by reducing the requirement to generate the same test configurations multiple times in different systems.

Ab Dynamics Range Of Advanced Driving Simulator Solutions With Engineering Support

Discover new methods and techniques

To obtain the maximum advantages from a professional simulator system, it is important to know how to correlate driving simulator experiments with other parts of the vehicle system development process.

Our experienced team are familiar with all leading automotive modelling packages and will guide you through every aspect of the system set up and configuration process to help you gain the maximum benefits from the simulator. We are experts in motion cueing and can configure dynamic platforms so that drivers can get the best out of the product.

AB Dynamics' engineers have over 25 years of experience conducting Vehicle Dynamics, ADAS, and Automated Driving tests on the proving ground. We understand how to take testing from the real world into the virtual world. Using our simulation expertise enables you to accelerate simulation projects as you will benefit from our partnerships with the leading providers of simulation software systems, and our ability to integrate vehicle models and configure simulation experiments.

Driving Simulator Adas Testing

Class leading immersion

Vehicle developers from leading OEM’s, industry experts, and professional drivers have confirmed the exceptionally high level of immersion achieved using dynamic driving simulators from AB Dynamics.

rFpro, an AB Dynamics group company, provides the highly accurate, physics-based virtual testing environment and extensive digital twin library used on AB Dynamics' driving simulators. rFpro is used extensively throughout industry for both software-in-the-loop and driver-in-the-loop simulation applications.

Compact Static Simulator For Adas And Autonomous Testing

Experimental design for ADAS development

Included within our simulation rental solutions is access to our track testing synchronisation software for virtual AV and AD testing, allowing complicated track-based ADAS scenarios to be replicated and validated in a virtual environment.

A Vds Advanced Driving Simulator Canopy Small

Offered worldwide

Our simulation centres are located around the world in AB Dynamics group facilities and we can also arrange delivery of our compact static simulator to your chosen location for longer term rentals.

AB Dynamics' driving simulators are also available for purchase by customers.

To arrange a test drive or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact AB Dynamics via [email protected]

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