Transmission Error

Transmission Error Testing

2 3 6 Te Definition

Transmission Error measurement

Add the METKIT sub-product to the core PLATO platform and perform transmission error (TE) testing using high pulse-rate, high-precision encoders.

For maximum accuracy, analyse over full hunting ('over-rolling') periods or, if cycle times dictate, analyse over shorter periods.

2 3 6 Te Result

Report results in the format of your choice

TE can be reported in angular (micro Radian) terms or circumferential distance (microns) at the gear pitch radius.

Peak-to-peak and RMS values are available, referenced either to the driver or the driven gear.

2 3 6 Compound Te

Compound (3-encoder) analysis for products with differentials

Products containing differential mechanisms (two outputs) are readily accommodated.

2 3 6 Report Results

TE order spectrum analysis

Breakdown TE into order components to add diagnostic capability or to provide mesh specific information when the tested product includes more than one gear mesh.

2 3 6 Transmission Error

Average tooth TE

Perfect for identifying how each tooth on a selected gear meshes with the average of all teeth meshing with it.

2 3 5 National Instruments

Easily integrate to test machines

Simple OPC-communications between PLATO and test machines makes integration a breeze and, as standard, counter/timer DAQ-cards from National Instruments™ make for an extremely cost-effective TE test solution.

2 3 6 Waterfall

Combine with dynamic backlash and/or NVH testing

The modular nature of PLATO and its add-on sub-products means that test cycle combinations e.g. NVH & TE, NVH, backlash and TE testing etc. can easily be constructed.

2 3 6 Sql

Clear, precise results

TE results are reported using PLATO’s intuitive test report, passed to the machine controller (PLC) via OPC and stored within PLATO’s results database (SQL) and optionally passed to PLATO-SERVER.

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