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Power Steering System Testing

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Complaint conditions

Power assisted steering (PAS) systems are noise/vibration generators with potential to generate warranty complaints.

This is particularly so during low-speed vehicle manoeuvres such as parking. Lock-to-lock operation is commonplace, lock-stops are often hit, and background noise in the vehicle cabin is low (due to low engine speed and the absence of wind and tyre noise).

Power Steering Results

Speed synchronised noise/vibration

Irrespective of whether the PAS system is a traditional hydraulic system, an electro-hydraulic system, or an electric system, the majority of noise complaints are synchronised to the speed of a key rotating shaft within the system e.g. hydraulic pump, electric motor etc.  

Core PLATO, with its high-precision order analysis, together with the REVKIT add-on for unequivocal analysis of shaft speed synchronised events (e.g. ticks, knocks etc.) provides the ideal measurement and analysis tool.

Systems can be integrated to operate with end-of-line test machines and the same PLATO hardware/software solutions can also be used in-vehicle to provide a seamless gateway to correlation.

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