2 3 10 Monitoring Warning Alarm

Machine Health Monitoring

2 3 10 Motor Health Monitoring

Noise/vibration as a witness of machine health

NVH results for products tested on machines can be influenced by the vibrational condition of the test machine.

It is therefore important for a manufacturing organisation to know whether the health of a test machine is deteriorating and adversely affecting tested product results.

Select the DURAMON add-on sub-product for PLATO and your system will be able to define additional measurement channels to be used for monitoring (as opposed to product testing).

Monitoring sensors are typically mounted to drive and load motors and driveline spindle bearings.

2 3 6 Sql

Clear, precise results

Machine health monitoring results are reported with PLATO’s regular NVH results at the end of each test cycle and stored within PLATO’s results database (SQL) prior to (optionally) being passed on to PLATO-SERVER

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