In Process Nvh

In Process NVH Testing

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Minimise end-of-line NVH failures

Effective NVH testing upstream of end-of-line can pay dividends in terms of “right-first-time” results at EOL and help minimise expensive rework/scrappage.

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Gear pair NVH testing

Gear pairs (prior to assembly in the final product) can be effectively NVH tested to identify manufacturing errors that witness themselves in the assembled product. Systems can operate on a “designated pair” or “tested and master gear” basis and evaluate gear pitch and profile errors as well as detect individual tooth defects e.g., “nicks”

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“Third member” testing

NVH testing of axle third-members can be combined with contact pattern checking and transmission error/backlash checking machines.

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Flexible test triggering

In-process PLATO NVH systems can be fully integrated to “handshake” with test machine control PLCs etc. but many systems are retrofitted and the simpler nature of the test cycle often means speed and/or torque thresholds can be successfully used as passive triggers.

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