End Of Line Nvh

End of Line NVH Testing

Business Critical

Business critical decision making

End-of-line powertrain product NVH test machines equipped with PLATO from AB Dynamics deliver pass/fail decisions that are meaningful for your business and your customers.

When product quality issues are experienced, pinpoint diagnostic information is generated to help you get back on track with minimal downtime.

This reliably detects issues such as:

  • Incorrect bearing pre-loads
  • Gear surface brinelling
  • Tooth pitch errors
  • Surface finish errors
  • Shaft run-out
  • Heat treatment problems
  • Missing bearings

Worldwide, industry-standard communications

PLATO integrates with end-of-line test machines from manufacturers worldwide.

Most use industry standard OPC communications to “handshake” between the test machine controller e.g. PLC and PLATO.

Stranded Analyses

Fast, multi-stranded analyses

Modern manufacturing time cycles mean you need reliable answers, and fast!

PLATO’s parallel, real-time analyses (order track extraction, envelope analysis etc.) ensure your results are available before shafts in your product stop spinning.


Database of tested products

PLATO acts as a “slave” to the test machine controller (PLC).

It maintains a database of product types available for testing and instantly switches to the correct set-ups and test metrics when the test machine controller requests the type to be tested.

Complex Measurements

Complex measurements – de-skilled

Multiple sensors, multiple analysis types and variable test conditions mean complex raw datasets.

Perfected over 30-years, PLATO distils this data down to results that mean something to all involved with the manufacturing process.

Bearing Defect Envelope Spectrum

Pinpoint diagnostics

If product quality goes downhill, knowing WHY an NVH test has failed is critically important.

PLATO delivers diagnostics with pinpoint precision, allowing you to effectively deploy resources to resolve issues.

Shades Grey

Shades of grey

Incorrectly set pass/fail boundaries can kill your business.

Many powertrain NVH test systems can identify the best-of-the best (BOBs) and the worst-of-the-worst (WOWs) products being tested at the end-of-line, but the reality of many powertrain manufacturing processes is that the majority of product quality samples lie between these two extremes.

PLATO provides intuitive and automated set-up controls to enable optimum pass/fail boundaries to be set.

End Of Line Testing

Correlation to in-vehicle: the “Holy Grail”

In addition to weeding-out obvious errors, meaningful results for most end-of-line NVH test systems means delivering high levels of correlation to subjective and/or objective assessments of the products in-vehicle.

Whether your testing with speed sweeps, torque sweeps or combinations of speed and torque sweeps, AB Dynamics’ pioneering developments in this area set us apart from the competition.

Clear Precise

Clear, precise results

End-of-line NVH results are stored within PLATO’s local results database (SQL) and optionally passed on to PLATO-SERVER for amalgamation with results from other test stations and wider dissemination.

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