Dynamic Balancing

Automotive Powertrain Balancing

2 3 4 Dybal

Imbalance measurement and correction calculation “slave” for balancing machines

Operating with “hard” (force measurement) or “soft” (vibration measurement) balancing machines, core PLATO with its DYBAL add-on readily integrates to your balancing machines.

Single-plane (static) and two-plane (dynamic) balancing are supported, with automated calibration and tooling compensation/checking modes.

Automated test cycles e.g. primary check, correction (if required) and secondary (residual) check are easily implemented.

2 3 4 Rdm

Combined NVH and balance testing

Applications include standalone balance machines and, when separate NVH and balancing machines cannot be justified, NVH testing (e.g. speed and/or torque sweeps) can be combined with balance testing in a single PLATO test cycle.

2 3 4 Test Report

Clear, precise results

Imbalance results (including recommended corrections “fixes”) are reported using PLATO’s intuitive test report, passed to the machine controller (PLC) via OPC-tags or XML-file and stored within PLATO’s results database (SQL) and optionally passed to PLATO-SERVER.

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