Torus In Cabrio At Keevil

Autonomous Vehicle Testing

​Take your hands off the wheel​

Our range of test track equipment is used extensively in the development and proving of autonomous vehicles.

Watch our video explaining how AB Dynamics is at the forefront of innovation in driverless vehicle testing as we move towards driverless cars.

Torus In Cabrio At Keevil

Driving robots

These robots are used to develop the control algorithms used in self-driving vehicle.

Acting in “external follow” mode, robots can be used as actuators driven by control signals received in real-time. They enable engineers to create, test and refine self-driving software using any car.

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The Flex-0 controller

The Flex-0 controller allows our powerful Robot Controller software to be used to control the vehicle directly without any robots.

The controller connects via a CAN or Ethernet connection to a compatible car, and tests can be programmed in exactly the same way as with robots.

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ADAS targets

ADAS targets are used to create moving test environments in which to prove the vehicle’s ability to drive safely.  Multiple targets (including vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists) can be synchronised to the test vehicle.

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